Forest Roads

At MP & KM Golding we have been working on forest roads for over 10 years, from maintenance to installing new roads all over Stone beinng dug from quarry with are two cat exavatersthe UK. We can dig stone from your own quarry or borrow pit, then transport it to your road or track for either a new build or upgrade to your existing road. By using our method the stone that is dug out that would normally be too big, can be crushed down to the right size from 120mm down for sub base to 50mm down for the top running course.

(Our CAT diggers extracting stone from a quarry)


Are Richard Thorpe 24 ton dump trailers(the dump trailers loaded up with stone for a new road)






PTH Speedy grader grading of edges to aid dranage



(PTH speedy grader removing the vegataion from the road)

vegation has been graded of ready for new stone


(vegatation removed from road ready for stone to be laid)




cat 314 grading of edge of road

(Stone being laid on the road to upgrade the surface)

V Ditchs dug

( V ditches dug to carry the water away)

Culvert pipes aand head walls put in

(culverts and head walls put in)



compactin with 70 ton roller or

(Rolling with a 70 tonne vibration roller

PTh grader an compaction plates

(grading and compaction in the same pass)







compacting forest roadforest road finish with side drainage ditchesforest road finished

plant moving out after finishing forset roadcreating a sallow v ditch with the pth speedypth speedy grading forest road

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