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If your old and tired drive is in need of attention then this is the place to start. A poor roadway in to your property can cause you expense to your car by giving your suspension a hard time, which on today's modern cars can lead to bills in the £0000's!!! So, why not put it right before it gets to that stage. By loosening the surface we eradicate the base and surrounds of the pot holes, so the crushed  material is to the same consistency helping to give your old road a new life.

Crushing involves three separate processes

Meri crusher crushing forest roadsKirpy Crusher1. CRUSHING

Crushing takes out potholes, track grooves and loosens existing materials in preparation for the second stage of leveling. The crushing drum has a crushing depth of 0-300 mm and is capable of crushing hardcore, granite and tarmac. Our crushers are capable of crushing stones in agricultural fields, children’s playing fields or even a building site. Everywhere you see unwanted stone we have a cost effective remedy.


Laser graderSpeddy grader blade2. LEVELLING (grading)

The grader blade then levels the crushed surface to create the finish required. This could be just leveled, be an apex or sloping camber to the road, or selected area. Having a camber or apex helps to provide water drainage.



specialist vibrating platesvibrating plates3. COMPACTING (vibrating)

With the use of vibrating plates or a vibrating roller, we compact the road or area to form a compact hard-wearing level surface. The vibrating plates are a specialist piece of road reclamation machinery which is new to the UK. We had them imported from Switzerland as we felt they were a necessary piece of machinery to provide the finish required by our customers. As seen in the picture the machine has three separate plates which then compact the area but float at different angles to protect any camber which has been put into the surface.


50% crushedKirppy CrusherThe finished product will be a smooth, level and compacted unbound area. Free of all potholes and cambered so water is able to drain away.

These pictures show how the crusher can reduce stones to dust. The picture to the right shows a comparison of uncrushed and crushed material. This material is then much easier to compact for the completion of a successful project.

Client testimonial: “My yard was waterlogged in areas so I was unable to use these parts. Since MP & KM Golding's has been in to crush, grade and level my yard the water drains away and I can now utilise the whole area.” ..... “We have had two other people grade the surface and we have added new stone. But the recycling of the existing stone using the crusher and the grading has given us by far the best results.” Mark Head, Webbington


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