Laser Levelling

In 2007, MP & KM Golding were the first company in the UK to purchase LL275 dual grade tractor pulled laser leveller. This allows us to give our customers the high levels of accuracy they expect and deserve. Because it is a dual grade laser grader it is ideal for the following applications

  • Sports fields
  • Green waste pads
  • Car parks
  • Sub bases for sheds
  • Warehouses before concreting

Football pitch starting to levelled

Sports fields Laser levelled

With the high accuracy and low ground pressure this laser levelling unit is ideal for

leveling of old sports grounds that have got old, uneven and holey. It is essential for new sports

field construction. In today's competitive sports it's only fair to play on a level field!

Drainage stone levelled

(football pitches being levelled)

Soil going on topof drainage stone







Laser grading sports feildsports feilds finished


                    Green waste pad                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cement stabilisation, graded, using our specialist equipment provides an ideal surface for composting purposes.  The laser grader is essential as it ensures accurate falls for surface water catchment.  This is a necessary requirement to meet EA standards.


Car Parks

Laser grading can provide the solution for car parks which are natural stone but need re-profiling. Commonly large areas tend to end up holding water like a goldfish bowl.  By laser grading we should be able to use the existing material to create the correct levels for efficient drainage.  This will be more cost effective than importing new material.  They could also be cement stabilised to provide a bound, natural finish.


Laser level in actionSub Bases for Building   

By laser levelling bases in preparation for concrete, it will give an accurate level, which will then mean that no excess, expensive, ready mixconcrete will be required, again reducing potential costs.  This attention to detail will help deliver projects on budget, which is vital in the current ecomonic climate.


Green waste pad being levelledFowler Welch Lorry parkYard used for lorry park & skips

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